Houston’s Best Neighborhoods for Christmas Lights
Houston’s Best Neighborhoods for Christmas Lights
August 23, 2019
Christmas Lights in River Oaks
November 13, 2020

Best Holidays (Other than Christmas) to Put Up Lights

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Holiday lights don’t have to be only for December. While Houstonians may be used to adorning their homes and businesses with the soft glow of string lights for Christmas and other winter holidays, there are plenty of other seasons and holidays that are perfect for decorative outdoor lighting.


Falling around the time every year when the weather starts to get a little cooler, October 31st is a great day to showcase the beauty if your home or business with outdoor lights. Adding outdoor lights can enhance whatever spooky decorations you already may have. Lighting will make your home or business even more eye-catching to any trick-or-treaters walking through the neighborhood on Halloween and throughout the month of October.


Right before the Christmas season starts, the fourth Thursday in November is the best time of the year to celebrate Fall with close friends and family. It is also a great time to decorate the outside of your home or commercial property with beautiful lights that reflect the warm, relaxing spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday. There are a variety of outdoor lights to match your home and colors to match the themes of the holiday.

Mardi Gras & St. Patrick’s Day

March has many great holidays. The week of Mardi Gras around the beginning of the month is a great time to show that you’re in the celebrating mood. Decorating with outdoor lighting can be a perfect way for you and passers-by to have a great time without attending a crowded event. St. Patrick’s Day is another fun day to celebrate in March and decorating your home or business with outdoor lighting can keep the fun going throughout the day and beyond.

Fourth of July

Independence Day is synonymous with showing your love for your country in the company of friends and family. Outdoor lighting can help make sure that your home is looking as great as you feel while you have a summer barbecue or event. Decorative lights in July can be like having fireworks at home without the cleanup or the noise.

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